Making Leaders is what we are about

Abide weekends is about making Leaders. 

We want to see the incredible potential in each young person come forth. We want to provide an enviourment and community where people flourish, grow and feel enabled to tackle the elements of this life with Confidence and Humility.

We know that we can not live this life with connecting to LIFE itself in Jesus Christ.

 Jesus said, "Apart from me you can do nothing"

Come and learn what it means to ABIDE in Christ and seek your true Identity in Him.

Abide: Pruning!! 29 November to 1 Decemeber

Abide is the ultimate weekend of fun, games, rest and enjoying relationships, community and leaning in on Gods Word and Presence.

No one likes to be Pruned, cut away, trimmed down. But, this is essential for the walk of any believer of Jesus, who is the true vine. If you want a tree to bear fruit, you must prune it, you must be patient and wait for the fruit of your life to be greater than you could ever hope or imagine!

Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp is the ultimate destination for growth in Jesus, community and finding out your life's true purpose.

Our Abide Camps are focused on Christian Leadership Development.
Some aspects of the programme is linked with Leadership at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp, but we are training Leaders for LIFE above all.