YLEAD (Leaders in Training) Yr 9 -11

We live in the world where young people miss out on opportunity to find out who they are and what they are capable of. We at KVCC are passionate to see young people reach a potential that they have not reached before. We strongly believe that in order to become a world changing leader, you must first learn to serve. Serve others in ways that bring out their character, their gifts, their weaknesses and their ability to lead the community around them. 
YLead's serve with a team during our Holiday Camps through; Kitchen help, Dishes, Cleaning, Activity Set up and Help, and Serve throughout the camp where needed. They will receive Biblical training through the week and learn to apply that knowledge to the practical skills in Ministry. See our Holiday camps page to see what Camps are coming up...

YLEAD qualifications:
-  must be at least 13 years of age, Yr 9 in school
-  must attend two Abide: Leadership Development weekends a year
- willing to serve
- teachable hearts
- applicants will have to fill in an application process
- two character referees
- 13/14 YLEAD’s will serve at the younger age Holiday Camp
- 14-16 YLEADS will serve at the older age Holiday Camp

Cost: $50/week
The programme will have its own cost since it will act as a corresponding camp to the Holiday camp it goes alongside. The quality of the leadership training the YLEAD’s will receive will be a greater value to the cost of the programme. We will make the cost affordable and funding will be available for YLEAD campers with financial limitations.