We have a wide range of activities that suit all ages, and our package prices include every activity (with the exception of Cross Games). Simply pick which activities you like, and our staff will create a custom program to suit your needs, its that easy!

A unique experience exclusive to Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp – CROSS GAMES!

Cross Games is a 2 hour program of music and challenges that are designed to promote collaboration and leadership initiative.

Air rifles is a target shooting activity which is facilitated by one of our staff members. Targets are available for you to keep as a 'memento' of your achievement.

Learn new skills and safety aspects with the Bow & Arrows, compete with others in your group or strive to be the best marksman.

Axe Throwing is very similar to darts, with the thrower aiming to land an axe nearest to the bullseye. While it may sound scary, it is in fact one of our safest activities. 

Our BMX track is suitable for beginner/intermediate riders. Maximize this activity by "timing" the riders or having them "race against the clock". 

Set up through the bush surrounding KVCC, our Burma Trail will challenge anyone. The participant needs to follow the trail by using lots of different senses.

A bonfire makes a great evening activity for connecting, sharing, and learning. We'll supply the wood so remember to bring your marshmallows to toast. Fires are weather and season permitting.  

Use the clues and camp map to find markers around camp. Work as individuals or as a team to complete this challenge.  

Simply sit and enjoy our no harness flying fox ride. The Flying Fox is fast and suitable for all children, aged 5 and older. Watch out for those wet sponges if you are "flying" during the summer months!

Our 18 hole frisbee golf course provides the perfect challenge for all ages and group sizes. Simply grab a disc and a score card, and tee off. 

The Go Kart track gives everyone an opportunity to test their driving skills. A chance to see how fast you can go without spinning out.

Only the most determined runners will overcome our horizontal bungy! Battle it out and see who can go the farthest before being pulled back by the bungy chord.  

Our Railway Jiggers are ideal for primary and intermediate aged children. Potter around the track over the creek and back to the station.

Our site backs right onto the beautiful Kauaeranga River, with a perfect swimming hole that is ideal for kayaking. We have single and double kayaks available and provide a range of life jacket sizes.

Our low ropes and team building initiatives provide an ideal opportunity for team bonding, communication, and leadership. Our team can also provide additional team initiative resources to maximize leadership learning. 

We will provide you with rope, bamboo and tyre tubes to build your raft and race your team across sheltered water conditions. This is great activity for team building and learning knots. 

Raptor ball is a new game to KVCC and is already a camp favourite. It is great as a filler activity or can be used as a rotation by itself as up to 30 people can play at a time.  

Slingshot paintball works best with 2 teams of 5-7 combating against each other, or individual combat with 10-15 people. Hide behind the tyre towers and attack your opponents with our slingshots and paintballs.

The Team Building exercises will help you work together and trust others. You'll enjoy laughing and having fun while developing important skills.

We have two waterslides that follow a natural embankment. The main waterslide is faster, while the second waterslide is much wider and falls a smaller distance. 

9 square is a fun game that is fast past and filled with laughs as 9 people at a time face off against one another in an individual volleyball-type game.

Interactive Site Map

Check out our site map so you have a good idea of where things are located and what is available.

Types of Activities

Non Instructed Activities

We provide full instructions and orientation for all of our activities to the teacher / parent / helpers / leaders. There needs to be one adult responsible for the activity being used. Allowing 50 minutes for each activity and 10 minutes for change between groups is a good indication when planning. 

Instructed Activities
Kayaking, Archery and Air Rifles are the three activities that we will provide additional support for.  Often this means having one of our staff join you for the beginning or whole of the activity. Cross Games is one of our most beloved activities and is delivered entirely by our staff team.

Have a booking in mind or a general question? Reach out to us.