We at KVCC are passionate to see young people reach a potential that they have not reached before. We strongly believe that in order to become a world changing leader, you must first learn to serve. Serve others in ways that bring out their character, their gifts, their weaknesses and their ability to lead the community around them. 

Come Volunteer with us!

We love VOLUNTEERS!   We know how important Camp is to the life of a Camper, and know we couldn't possibly do this alone. We need a TRIBE with us to do the impossible to run these camps with excellence and Fun. We need a wide range of People; Camp Parents, Help in the Kitchen, First Aider, and help for younger Volunteers as LITs and Cabin LEADERS.

Everyone has the opportunity to build relationships with the Campers and share God's love with each camper they encounter.

You only have to fill in the Volunteer form once. 

If you've been here before, just sign up for upcoming camps

Nurse/First Aid:
Every Holiday Camp we need a loving First Aid/Registered Nurse to Help us with our campers. Camp is an intense time where scraps, scratches and Bruises take place. We need someone to administer campers medications and encourage the campers to have the most fun they can have.

Must have current first Aid certificate and/or Registered Nurse, have Police Vetting, and be over 18 years old.

**Please note all Volunteers 16+ need to complete a Police Vetting application form.

Police Vetting

  1. Download/ Open the PDF on computer or phone.

  2. Print off & fill in, or fill in electronically

  3. Fill in and scan and email back, or resave your electronic file and email to office@kvcc.org.nz

Kitchen Help:
The kitchen can be a busy place and we always need a few more hands to get involved. Big smiles is a must, experience not necessary, but a servant heart is.  Apply today!

General Help:
Can you do crafts? Or, can you shoot a gun? Are you skilled in maintenance, or grounds? Are you an expert hugger as a grandma/grandad? All these things are needed during our Holiday camps. Apply today to see where you can serve!

Spiritual Leadership:
Speaker: Twice each day at our Holiday Camps we teach from the Bible and who Jesus is. We have the opportunity to share why we follow Jesus and what he has done in our lives. We need people who are passionate about sharing that gospel message to the campers each Holiday Camp.

We are passionate about training leaders and we need a mature leader who can take these emerging leaders to the next level in their leadership, their character and understanding.  All curriculum is supplied.

Cabin Leaders Ages 15-Jr Yr 11/12 / Ages 16+ Sr Yr 12/13 +

Serving as a Cabin Leader can be one of the most rewarding jobs you will ever do!  At KVCC, we are always looking for Volunteers to Cabin lead during our Holiday Camps. We start out with Jr. Leading at minimum age 15, and move to Cabin Leading at age 16+. We will indicate where you will be placed through a volunteer application form. We are always looking for Mature/Maturing young men and women to join our team to help lead the campers to greatness. Each Cabin will have two Cabin leaders with max of 10 Campers to help guide the Campers to Activities, encourage them to do something different and help them with understanding who God is and what the Bible is all about.

We are looking for enthusiastic, high energy leaders who want to grow as a person and as a LEADER.


So you want to be a leader at KVCC?

Being a camper is great but leading is a whole lot better. Not to mention that it's rewarding.

Have a booking in mind or a general question? Reach out to us.