At KVCC we strive to create an unforgettable camp experience. With new themes each camp, we create new opportunities and adventures for campers to enjoy. We love hanging out with campers during the holidays to give them new opportunities to grow, new challenges to overcome and an environment to cultivate new friends.

Upcoming Holiday Camps in January

"Level Up!"


Jr Level Up! Camp
Date: 15-18th April, 2024 Monday to Thursday
School Years: 3-5 or Ages 7-9
Cost: Early Bird: $120 until 31st March, 2024
After 31st March, 2024: $150

Sr Level Up! Camp

Date: 22-26th April, 2024 Monday to Friday
School Years: 6-8 or Ages 10-12
Cost: Early Bird: $180 until 31st March 2024
After 31st March 2024: $210

🌟 Welcome to the Ultimate Adventure: Level Up! Christian Camp 🌟

Greetings, fellow adventurers!

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey where faith meets fun and every challenge is an opportunity to level up!

In a world full of quests, challenges, and epic adventures, our camp is your portal to a unique experience where we explore what it means to level up not just in games but in our faith journey.

Join us for days filled with laughter, friendship, and encounters with God that will take your faith to new heights. It's time to press start and embark on this exciting quest together!

Ready to level up your faith? Dive into the details, check out our activities, and secure your spot for an adventure-packed holiday camp like no other. Let the countdown to April begin!

🕹️Adventure awaits! 🎮

Update from OSCAR 

Kia ora 

From 1 April, the income thresholds and Childcare Assistance hourly rates for Childcare Subsidy and the Out of School Care and Recreation (OSCAR) Subsidy will increase following a policy change by the Government. This change means more families will qualify for Childcare Assistance and qualify for a higher rate of Childcare Assistance from Monday 3 April 2023.


There is more information about these changes on our website: Childcare assistance available to more people

Attached is a summary of the new thresholds and rates, and a poster that promotes the new thresholds and encourages people to apply. Please share this with your parents and caregivers.

We are pleased to advise that with the expected increase in families applying for Childcare Assistance, we have expanded our Childcare Assistance processing teams. More staff have been in training since the start of the year and we have also been working hard to get our current processing queues down so we are prepared for the increased demand.


New clients

People that are not currently receiving Childcare Assistance and don’t have a client record, will need to go to their local Work and Income service centre to have one created. They will need to take their ID with them.

Alternatively, people can request a client number online: How to get a client number

Once people have their client number, they can follow the application steps on our website: Childcare Subsidy


Existing clients

Clients that do have a client record with Work and Income but are not currently receiving Childcare Assistance can apply:

Online: Childcare - Work and Income  

Application forms can be emailed through to our processing team:

For children under 5, parents/caregivers can apply through Smart Start: SmartStart (

For existing clients who are already receiving Childcare Assistance (including Childcare Subsidy or OSCAR Subsidy), their Childcare Assistance will automatically be reviewed from Monday 3 April 2023. They don’t need to contact us unless they have a change in their personal circumstances. If you notice the client’s rate of payment hasn’t changed when you receive your Provider Payment Schedule from 3 April, please contact the Provider Team on 0800-776-843 or so we can follow this up.


Clients can contact us with any queries here

Website: Childcare - Work and Income

Phone: 0800-559-009

Email: (client contact only)


Types of Childcare Assistance available

For information on all types of Childcare Assistance available from MSD visit Types of childcare assistance available


Guaranteed Childcare Assistance Payment (GCAP) - Supporting young parents

With the Annual General Adjustment (AGA) from 1 April 2023, the highest rate of Childcare Assistance increases to $6.10 an hour per child. 

Guaranteed Childcare Assistance Payment (GCAP) is one form of the Childcare Assistance types we have available to help parents under the age of 20.  We need to advise that the GCAP rate is not reviewed as part of the AGA.  This means GCAP remains at $6 an hour, per child.  As GCAP is assessed differently to Childcare Assistance, please note: our youth coaches will speak with clients to help them work out if remaining on GCAP or transferring to Childcare Assistance will best meet their needs.

More information: Guaranteed Childcare Assistance Payment


Early Learning Payment (ELP)

The Early Learning Payment helps pay the costs of Early Childhood Education of children aged 18 months to 3 years whose family is enrolled with Family Start. The ELP rates will increase to $9.09 an hour.

More information: Early Learning Payment

Please note, clients will get their ELP application from Family Start/Social worker. Clients need to be enrolled with Family Start before they can apply for ELP.



If you have any queries, please let me know or you can call our Childcare Assistance Provider team on 0800 776 843.

Check out the fun we get up to at camp

Here is a little highlight showing just some of the fun that campers get up to at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp. 

Have a booking in mind or a general question? Reach out to us.