To serve at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp in a volunteer capacity that trains the Mental, Physical, and Spiritual aspect of each AKONGA Student as they experience discipleship, serve in practical ministry skills, work ethic and biblical teaching for the devolvement of their Jesus following journey.

Curriculum for Biblical Discipleship

Christian Living

  • How to Study the Word for myself.

  • What is the “good news” of Jesus Christ?

  • Understanding Silence and Solitude.

  • Applying Scripture to life.

  • What kind of Leader am I?


  • Humility and Grace.

  • Character diagnosis and development.

  • Working through Seasons in Life:

    • Trials and Tribulations.

    • Offence and Un-forgiveness.

    • Strengths and weaknesses

Biblical Christian Theology

  • Bible Overview and Understanding, Gospels, Christian Theology and Denominations, Fear of the Lord,
    Who is God? Who is Jesus Christ, Who is the Holy Spirit, Who is the Father?

Practical Ministry opportunities:

  • Group interaction and hosting
  • Mentoring and Discipling youth of the local community
  • Providing leadership for planning and executing Ministry camps; Holiday and Leadership "ABIDE"
  • Walk in confidence in facilitating group discussion and teaching
  • Encourage a walk with Jesus to the people who use the camp and participate in Ministry Camps
  • Understand and Challenge Biblical Foundations and Theology
  • Understanding Ministry opportunities in real world living

Holistic Training: 

Living in the beautiful Coromandel in our breath taking valley with other Jesus Loving Christians who want to glorify Him.
Hiking/Tramping and Camping.  Enjoying New Zealand Landscape and Adventures.
Swimming/Kayaking in our own Kauaeranga River. 

General Camp opportunities:

  • Learn, develop and execute activity skills for guest groups

  • Learning new skills and general support for maintaining and developing the camp site and facilities; this may include building, gardening, creating and sustaining what is happening at KVCC

  • Working in Kitchen, grounds and facilities in furthering the success with Guest Groups, Youth camps and Ministry Camps

  • Promotion in communities for Ministry Camp, Abide Camps and youth group potentials

Sample Programme:


5-20 hours/week (as above): Bible reading, Other readings, Teaching, Seeking, and Preparing Papers.
Interns will learn from Godly leaders/teachers from KVCC, and the Waikato region.

Volunteer ministry opportunities:

30-50 hours/week* for practical ministry at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp and in the community. Hours will rise during our Holiday Camps. 

Camp is busy and we try and balance the busy times with quieter times throughout the year. We take many trips to beaches, tramping and time out to equalize the year.

Programme dates:  

January 2024 Intake are now taking applications.
August 2024 Intake are now taking applications.

Course Costs:


Cost is free*. All Room and Board is provided through the volunteer programme. 

There is a $500 excursion fee for out-trips*. (to help cover accomodation, fuel, meals etc.)

Akonga Interns will be required to have sufficient funds for all other expenses for the duration of the programme. (ie: toiletries, clothes, etc)

Akonga Interns are required to purchase books for your curriculum. ($200 max)

International AKONGA participants:

  • International AKONGA participants will be required to pay:

    • for flights to/from New Zealand.

    • Immigration Fees (for VISA, Passports etc.)

New Zealand AKONGA participants:

  • New Zealand participants wishing to experience an overseas mission in the NZ winter:

    • (most likely to Canada), need to raise the funds for the flights their and back. 

    • NZ Passport to travel.

      *Students with financial restraints can contact us about potential funding. We encourage Akonga Interns to raise some financial support from church family and friends. ($4000) to cover costs associated with AKONGA.

ākonga. 1. ( noun) disciple, student, pupil, learner, protégé.

LOVE CAMP? Want to minister to the next generation and GROW in Jesus and His word?
At KVCC, we love empowering, discipling, and growing God's people through Jesus Christ. Our heart and passion is to equip the next generation in fundamental teaching, practical leadership and uncomfortable character development. 

At AKONGA, we believe in Holy Spirit filled, Biblically foundational discipleship that transforms lives. KVCC is the most beautiful place to encounter the living God, grow in Stillness and Silence and see God work in real transparent ways. Living in the Coromandel of New Zealand we live minutes away from the Coast, minutes away from some of the most incredible world class hiking/tramping and an hour's drive to some of the most beautiful beaches you will ever set foot on.

Do you want an experience that you will take
with you for the rest of your life?

A Little about us

The Taylor’s have been working in Ministry for their entire married life. 

They are both extremely passionate about Discipleship in an emotionally healthy, Holy Spirit filled way as they walk with people while God transforms them by the renewing of their minds, enabling their Spirits, and completing the work He has started in each incredible, unique son or daughter for His glory and the establishment of His Word in their lives. They enjoy exploring who God is and embrace the mystery of being still with him. They are both confident teachers and facilitators and enjoy bringing the word of the Lord in their own vulnerable, authentic walk with Jesus.

The Taylors Live at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp with their two children; Alzora and Jedi, and their kitties Pippen and Stridder.

Have a booking in mind or a general question? Reach out to us.