We see the incredible potential in each young person as they come to grow and Learn. We want to provide an environment and community where people flourish, grow and feel enabled to tackle the elements of this life with Confidence and Humility.

Making Leaders is what we are about

We know that we can not live this life without connecting to LIFE itself in Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "Apart from me you can do nothing". Come and learn what it means to ABIDE in Christ and seek your true Identity in Him. Join our Christian Community of committed young people ages 13-18 as we humbly seek the face of the Living Christ.

Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp is the ultimate destination for growth in Jesus, community and finding out your life's true purpose. Our Abide Camps are focused on Christian Leadership Development. Some aspects of the programme is linked with Leadership at Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp, but we are training Leaders for LIFE.


Jesus came and "tabernacled" among us. 
What does God's presence look like?
How do we recognize it?

This abide we will be looking into biblical past to the tabernacle, the moving space of Gods dwelling. It lead the people into the desert, into the promise land, revealed God's Salvation and showed the people the faithfulness of His promises.

Abide: Presence

7-12 July, 2024, SUNDAY to SATURDAY

$140/week (+$20 for special diets)

Account: West Pac # 03 0458 0178492 00

Each Abider needs to bring a wrapped gift for our Christmas Day. $10 Max Second hand, preloved good condition gift. See gear list for more details.

Abiders need to bring 2 dozen baked goods/busicuts for the Morning tea/Afternoon Tea contribution.

Sign in: Sunday, 7 July, at 2pm

Sign out: Saturday, 13 July, at 11am

Accommodation, Games, Activities, Team Building, Character Development, Biblical Foundations, Family Atmosphere, Amazing Food. All for $140 for 7 days!

We have planned a Regency Fast Friends Tea Party, a MID YEAR Christmas celebration, Heaps of Team Buildings and Games, and loads of great fun, food, and Whanau!


ABIDE is designed for any youth Yr 9 to 13+ who wants to grow in their knowledge and/or relationship with Jesus Christ. We make it affordable so our Cabin Leaders, and YLEAD's (youth leadership training camp during the holidays) that help out at our Holiday Camps can come to as many trainings as they can. However, EVERYONE IS WELCOME!
We aspire to make leaders for life first, there is no obligation to be part of the holiday camp when coming to ABIDE

Abide camps are a Youth Biblical Leadership Camp that focuses on biblical truth; that God's character and love is poured out from his eternal life in Christ Jesus. At Abide Camps we come together as a Whanau and grow in community. We believe in real transformation by the Holy Spirit through believing in Jesus Christ.


Abide: Protection
"If God is for me, then who can stand against me?"

23-25 August, 2024
$40/weekend (+$10 for special diets)
Account: West Pac # 03 0458 0178492 00

Sign in:  Friday 23 August, at 7pm
Sign out: Sunday 25 August, at 3pm

Games, Activities, Team Building, Character Development, Biblical Foundations, Family Atmosphere, Amazing Food.

All for $40.

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Abide: Prosperity        SAVE THE DATE!

6-8 December, 2024

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